Other routes in Northern Germany

Even close to the cities, you'll find great riding

The roads around Leverkusen are ideal for a shorter blast

The roads around Leverkusen are ideal for a shorter blast

11 Sight-Siegen

Fantastic riding within easy reach of the cities of Bonn and Cologne – but why stay in one of them when you can stay in the historic town of Siegen, ready to head out to the hills in the morning?
Start/finish: Siegen
Distance: 190 miles
Riding time: 5.5 hours
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12 Leverkusen lanes

A stunning ride recommended by one of our German colleagues: his weekend blast consists of a short but satisfying trip through the hills to the east of Cologne. You’d never guess such great riding was to be found in such proximity to such a big city.
Start/finish: Leverkusen
Distance: 100 miles
Riding time: 3.5 hours
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13 Celle Celle Celle

Miles of quality tarmac through unspoilt and relatively empty countryside make this a relaxing ride, twisting out of the farmland and up into low, wooded hills. A good day out for two.
Start/finish: Celle
Distance: 205 miles
Riding time: 6 hours
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14 Bremerhaven Wanderer

From the fascinating but busy port of Bremerhaven to quieter Cuxhaven, this laid-back coastal ride is short enough to allow either a late start or plenty time off the bike, enjoying the seaside. Start/finish: Bremerhaven
Distance: 150 miles
Riding time: 4.5 hours
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15 Inland from Lübeck

This fantastic ride loops past Schwerin and Ratzburg, so there’s no shortage of sightseeing opportunities. But it’s not about the places it passes: this route is all about the riding, which is superb.
Start/finish: Lübeck
Distance: 140 miles
Riding time: 4 hours
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