August 2019

You’re never too old to learn’ is my elderly dad’s favourite saying and when it comes to biking, he’s right. One of the best things about being a biker is the power you feel as you gain experience and learn more and more things – and this issue of RiDE is designed to help with that, whether you’ve had your licence for fifty years or five minutes.

Our 14-page how-to isn’t about patronising already experienced readers, but filling in gaps and reaffirming what we know already. It’s been fascinating reading and a useful reminder of many things. For example, I put some of the off-roading tips into action the first time I took my Multistrada up a (very dry) green lane and I now know all the secret clues that identify an unmarked police car. Sadly, I wish I’d read that a bit earlier after having a nice little chat with member of the local constabulary about my use of speed.

Fortunately I wasn’t going crazy, so the chat ended with a ticking off, but it was a timely reminder that a) we should keep our wits about us and b) just because summer’s here, we shouldn’t all just go beserk on the roads. But you know that already — and so should have I. But like my dad says; ‘You’re never too old to learn.’

Matt Wildee, Editor

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