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RiDE readers are renowned for staying on two wheels all year round. So we didn’t need to go far to find a great source of wisdom about the best all-season bikes. This issue’s packed with advice on the best bikes, the best kit and the best preparation for riding through winter. And if you’d rather do a spot of armchair riding, there’s a brilliant story about a challenging ride through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia on a Honda C90… a pink one.

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Colin Overland, Editor



Features in this months' issue...

Best year-round bikes

One bike that will excel at everything… it’s asking a lot, but we’ve picked 22 motorcycles that really will do anything a road rider could expect of them. Two-up, heavily laden, through foul weather – they can handle it in style. And at the weekend, they can be as much fun as the most exotic sportsbike. And they don’t cost a fortune either.


Used BMW F800

The forgotten BMW can now be yours for around £3000. While the GS and the S1000RR have been grabbing the headlines, the F800 range of roadsters and sports tourers has quietly been building up a great reputation for versatility and reliability. We show how to track down the right F800 at the right price.


Vietnam adventures

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was at the heart of the Vietnam War, and is now a must-ride route for many visitors to South East Asia. We ride the trail on a modest Honda Cub, and discover how the region is still trying to recover from that painful conflict.


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