So, the MT-07 and I have finally bonded...

Yamaha MT-07 Race Blu

So, the MT-07 and I have finally bonded. It happened about three miles along the B660 somewhere between Glatton and Old Weston.

A week previously, I’d been dusting myself down from a rather embarrassing incident at MCN Live at Butlins in Skegness, when I’d hoped to go on the last ever Skeg-Cadwell MCN ride-out which includes a parade lap of the Lincolnshire circuit with TT ledg John McGuinness and BSB vets Chris Walker and John Reynolds. I’d hopped on the bike and in the course of crossing a puddle the size of the Suez Canal, I’d failed to notice the surface change from tarmac to grass (well, mud after 12 hours of standing in water) and low-sided the Yam in a rather noisy fashion, less than 2 metres from my apartment front door. The shame.

The old girl took it well though, with just a slightly bent gear lever to show the scars of our disagreement and whilst I wasn’t able to ride her that day, a quick trip to Webbs of Peterborough and some help from the Matt, RiDE’s Technical editor, I was back on the road in no time.

So, back to the B660. It’s a beautiful stretch of road which, save for a couple of 90’ bends, is full of lovely sweeping and open curves with good visibility and lined with low hedged rapeseed fields. The ‘7 feels more stable and solid than I’d expected, given the price difference between it and the BMW F700GS I’d been riding previously. It’s a brilliant first bike with its great riding position, a seat low enough for me (at 5’7”) to be able to plant both feet confidently on the floor and light enough that I can handle it in the car park and in and out of the garage.

One of the road testers at work said the MT-07 is about the best wheelie bike currently around, and whilst I have no intention of learning that just yet (or indeed ever Dad, don’t panic!) I can already feel why; she’s ready to go with just a small squeeze of the throttle even from a 60mph rolling start.

The MT-07 is ‘Race Blu’ which is actually silver with blue trim. And wheels. Those beautiful wheels. Everyone that sees her, even the hardened old bike journalists (sorry Matt) I work with say she looks the business and want to wine and dine her. But I’ve only got her for a few more days, so I’m keeping her all to myself and am planning on treating her to a trip to the OK Diner for brekky on Sunday morning.

I could teach the lads a thing or two about how to treat a lady.  

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