RiDE Product Test – Tyre Pressure Gauges

This could just be the most important tool in your garage                              

RiDE Product Test – Tyre Pressure Gauges

If you follow the accepted advanced-riding discipline, you’ll check your tyre pressures before each and every ride. In truth, few of us are really that dedicated but a weekly check (at least) should certainly be part of the care routine for any bike.

Running the correct tyre pressures ensures tyres will support the bike and rider’s weight, maintain the correct shape, reach operating temperature well, shift water from their treads properly and wear evenly.

The way to keep on top of things, of course, is with regular checking, using an accurate tyre pressure gauge. Which ones can you trust? We rounded up a dozed popular models ranging in price from a fiver to nearly £50, to find the easiest, most accurate ones to use.

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