November 2018

Getting the right backpack makes a massive difference. When I started riding (shortly after Noah) the only luggage I had was a 1980s camping rucksack. It was great – huge and sometimes showerproof…and heavy and tiring to wear for long distances, as it had the drag coefficient of a block of flats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I came to prefer tailpacks…

But that’s the thing with riding a bike…rucksacks are always useful. Maybe not on every trip (especially if you ride mostly for pleasure) but whether you’re popping stuff round to a mate or commuting every day, you can’t beat a backpack. As long as it’s a good one. They hide the weight, keep your gear dry and aren’t a tiring drag to wear. We gathered 20 biking rucksacks to test, so you can find the perfect bag for you.

Enjoy this issue – and enjoy your riding.


Inside this month's issue...

Highways & Byways

RiDE goes for an enjoyable on- and off-roading excursion on the Husqvarna 701

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Into the valleys

We take the Yamaha Tracer 900GT, Triumph Tiger Sport and Kawasaki Versys 1000 GT for a run across Wales

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Biking Backpacks

Need a rucksack for riding but not sure which one's best? We gathered 20 biking bags to suit all budgets

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