November 2016

You won't believe how happy I am with this month’s trouser feature. Much as I’ve enjoyed the riding and interviewing involved in putting together the rest of the issue, it was finally devising a worthwhile trouser test format that proved to be most satisfying. Trousers are among the least exciting (and least photogenic) bits of kit, which may explain why people don’t put that much effort into finding good ones. So many riders just make do with trousers that aren’t quite right, when really there’s no need. I hope that our recommendations and buying advice will help you get the comfort, protection and feeling of being at one with your bike that you can only get from wearing the right gear. Tempting as it was to fill the whole issue with great trousers, rest assured there’s plenty of bikes, people and places to enjoy too.

Enjoy the mag,

Colin Overland


Inside this issue...


Missed out on a summer tour? It’s not too late. Make the most of the fine weather at the end of September.



Three very different retro roadsters, all with more modern technology than meets the eye, head for the Cotswolds.


We highlight 12 of the very best. Plus essential buying advice for every rider...