June 2016

RiDE magazine June 2016  issue is out now!


There have been some fascinating responses to my recent request for your experiences of PCP finance schemes. That proved to be tremendously useful background info for us as we worked on this month’s cover story. Again and again, one phrase cropped up: “I wouldn’t have been able to have this bike without a PCP.” What’s far less clear is what will happen when these PCP deals reach the end of their three-year term, given that so many of us are in the habit of hanging on to bikes for much longer than three years. The knock-on effects on new and used prices are hard to predict, and need some careful analysis. Stay with RiDE to follow these developments as they continue to evolve and motorcyclists continue to find new ways to enjoy motorcycling.

The rapid solo ride, blistering in the sun...

Blasting home from Valencia reveals the strengths and limitations of Aprilia’s heavyweight adventure tourer, the Caponord Rally.

Tons of fun

Three exciting middleweights, each available for around £100 a month, head to the south-west of England on a 600-mile road test to see which is the best bike – and the best buy.

Tankring tankbags

12 bags that offer a solution to the problem of fitting luggage to a non-metallic tank