January 2019

There’s something special about riding at night…as long as you can actually see, that is. Chasing the cone of light along unlit lanes, bats pinwheeling off into the night sky, the occasional fox glimpsed slinking away into the undergrowth. All good as long as there are no deer leaping out at you…

But riding at night can be a right chore with a feeble headlight throwing out less light than a good-sized candle. So as the nights are drawing in, we gathered together 21 uprated headlight bulbs to shed light on which ones actually shed the most light. Read our illuminating results.

Whatever you ride, and whenever you ride it, enjoy your issue of RiDE.

Simon Weir, Editor

RT attacks

RiDE takes BMW’s new R1250RT for an exclusive UK first ride to see if it lives up to the legacy of the nation’s favourite tourer. No pressure, then…

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Your Next Great Ride

Portugal - Biking Nirvana
There is a land where the roads seem completely empty. And they’re great roads — sinuous and usually fantastic tarmac.

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Peaky Blinders

The Peak District has some of the best roads, riding and scenery in England. Some of the cafés aren’t bad either...

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