February 2017


And now for something a bit different. This issue comes out at a time of year when many of us are riding less, and perhaps have a bit more time for reading some longer, more reflective stories. So, for the first time, here’s our Review of the Year. As ever with RiDE, there’s a mix of bikes, gear, riding and events – but looking back, rather than forward. Normal service will be resumed next month, when we guide you through the vast variety of bikes competing for your money, and the different deals available. I hope you enjoy our Review of the Year. Please get in touch with your thoughts on the highs and lows of 2016, and your hopes for 2017.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Colin Overland

Inside this issue...


Shorter chassis gives sportier handling. Panigale electronics with cornering ABS. Power increased to nearly 150bhp.




The £6436 all-rounder promised to be the bargain of the year. To see how impressive it really is, we’ve set it three big challenges.




Turns out the proud beating heart of biking Britain is in Bingley. We visit West Yorkshire to take the temperature of modern motorcycling.