December 2017

The world of motorcycling has changed a lot in the last ten years. Sportsbikes selling less, adventure bikes selling more… and sports tourers have changed too. Some are more upright, others more exposed and all of them — like sportsbikes and adventure bikes — make a lot more power.

Fortunately, what hasn’t changed is how great it is to ride in Yorkshire. This month, Martin and the test team headed to the Dales with three great sports tourers. From popular biking routes to back lanes, they found brilliant roads highlighting the strengths – and the weaknesses – of their bikes.

Of course, what I took from it is that it doesn’t matter what bike you’re on or where you are. What counts is taking the time to get off the usual routes and find fresh roads. Enjoy your ride.

Simon Weir 


What's inside this month's issue?

Tales From The Dales


Exploring the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to Hawes is a Yorkshire pudding… with three very different sports tourers


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One-Day Ride - Carmarthen


West Wales is wild, beautiful and absolutely packed with amazing riding


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Triumph Bonneville Bobber


It's a stripped-back custom - but is the Triumph Bonneville Bobber style over substance?


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