August 2016

Smell the money on our front cover this month. If, like me, you’d struggle to rustle up the cash for the luggage on those big touring bikes, let alone the bikes themselves, then take comfort from the much-reduced sums of money required to get a used example.

And you could bypass the whole financial minefield by following some of Matt Hull’s advice  and turning any bike into a touring bike.

Whatever you ride, see you out there.

Colin Overland


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The grandest tour

The riding paradise of the Limousin in central France is the perfect place to test touring bikes – but which is the perfect tourer?

ride aug ft 2.jpg

The simple life

What will a sportsbike fanatic make of Suzuki’s updated SV650?

Flip-front helmets

Popular with touring riders, instructors and officers of the law, flip-front helmets are
comfy, practical and high quality. But which one is right for you? We test 15 to find out.