April 2018


I’m of an age where, if I’m asked “What’s the best bike in the world?”, the words “Honda VFR750” are halfway out of my mouth before I remember what year it is.

Honda more or less invented what we recognise as the modern sports tourer with that bike — it was one of the machines that inspired me to ride. But, great as it was in its day, the world has moved on. So what does it take to make a great sports tourer in 2018?

There’s no single formula but lots of still-great versions of the sporty, comfortable machine that can cover huge distances and nail apexes with equal ease. We’ve dedicated a chunk of this issue to celebrating these brilliant, versatile motorcycles — and there’s one for all tastes and all budgets. Perhaps one of them will inspire you.

Whatever you ride, enjoy the issue.


The Underdog Boxer

With sporty looks, a compact chassis and the same engine as the best-selling BMW R1200GS, the R1200RS is the overlooked sports-touring contender


The World's Greatest Sports Tourers

If you’re going to ride hundreds of miles to find a great road, you’d better have something fun to play on when you get there…


Blown away

Sports touring will never be the same again. Here’s why you need to ride the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX