A quick guide to planning your route on

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On the homepage click on 'mapping'

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Click the 'layers' icon on the left of the screen and click 'Ride POI' - The map will then show our checkpoints.

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Hover over the RiDE POI and choose the ones you want to visit - choose to add them to your route at the start/end or via option. The motogoloco site will add the roads to they recommend in blue - you can adjust the route by dragging the blue line to a different road.

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When you are happy with your route click the 'create' icon to the left. Name your route on the right - remember to include GBRO in the title! then add your thoughts on the route in the description. Choose make public, click next and save route - you have the option here to upload your route snaps for us all to see!

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N.B: You may have to login/register at the above stage

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You now have the option to export your route (just connect your GPS device)

Then click share and copy the web address and send it to us! at - remember to tell us your name, bike and what you thought of the route.

You can also share your fabulous route choice on FaceBook - don't forget to use #gbro, you can even join our FaceBook group at to share your route and discuss successes and pitfalls with like minded GBRO'ers!

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How to find other submitted GBRO routes

Click on the routes icon and put GBRO in the search bar to find routes created by us and our readers.