Great British RiDE Out

Your best summer on two wheels starts here

Guide to route planning - click here

Guide to route planning - click here

We’re looking forward to a great summer of riding – with the Great British Ride Out. Whether you’re aiming to ride 5000 miles or just enjoy a day out exploring fresh areas, the Great British Ride Out will help you find brilliant roads and great places to visit. Better still, there are fantastic prizes to be won.

What is the Great British Ride Out? Whatever you want it to be, whenever you want to ride. We’ve selected more than 180 great destinations on mainland Britain. Just pick the ones you want to visit, find the best route between them and enjoy the ride. Whether you pick one, two, three or 34 points doesn’t matter – it’s whatever works for you. It doesn’t matter when you go or whether it’s a two-hour or two-day ride. The idea is to explore somewhere new and really enjoy riding your bike. Then share your route with us to have chance to win a fabulous prize. For inspiration, check out this list of great rides and roads in Britain.

Britain’s crossed by thousands of miles of brilliant roads through some truly spectacular landscapes. Use the Great British Ride Out to help you discover more of them this summer and have an unforgettably good year on two wheels.

Ride and WIN

To win a prize, just save your route with the letters “GBRO” in the title and share it with us – click the “share” button and copy the route URL into an email, then send it to Each month the best route will land its creator a great prize of Oxford riding equipment, from luggage to rider wear. At the end of the year the overall best ride will win an HJC Rpha 90 helmet, worth £449.99.

You don’t even have to share your route with us. Just send selfies of you and your bike at our checkpoints to – the person visiting the most each month will win an exclusive Bridgestone helmet carrier.

Join the community

The Great British Ride Out isn’t just about prizes and route planning. Really it’s all about people riding together and having a good time. Join us on Facebook, share rides there and get involved. Go to