Matt Hull, Technical Editor

Matt Hull, Techincal Editor, RiDE

Matt has been riding motorbikes for 24 years, mostly badly, starting on a Honda MT-5. He spent three years getting lost (and nicked) in London whilst working as a dispatch rider, on a Yamaha XJ900 - that only died at 146,000 miles as a result of planting it into a caravan, after falling asleep.

Having learned all there is to know about how not to ride, Matt then decided to spend the next 12 years teaching new riders the wonders of motorcycling, passing all his hard-earned knowledge on to the next generation of motorcyclists.

After 12 years there was no one left to teach, so RiDE magazine took pity on Matt and put him in the workshop, where he was last seen in 2011 welding a Yamaha Diversion to a wheelbarrow.

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